The What If Factor…

what if

I love to travel for pleasure and business.  I do it often now.  But apparently I have yet to perfect it…

There’s always this moment of  “Grrrr…I forgot my razor!” or stockings or the right brush.

This time it’s my razor. I open the drawer to the bathroom vanity at Loews Atlanta and magically there’s a razor. As well as Q tips, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion and anything else I might need.  I think to myself they have ‘What if’ down!

The What If Factor is thinking… what if your customer wants ______ (insert answer of your choosing)

Keeping with this example- They considered :

What if Heather wants to hold a meeting here? So they put a work chair on both sides of the desk.

What if Heather wants more than 1 cup of coffee before venturing out of the room?  So there are several regular coffee supplies.

What if Heather wants to take a bath and catch up on the news or her favorite reality show?  Voila, TV in the bathroom.

What if Heather’s had a hard day and craves comfort?  And there’s the fluffiest robe I’ve ever experienced.

You get the picture.

dream it pix

This example isn’t about my travel experiences as much as it is a way to ask you…

What is YOUR What If Factor?

How good are you at understanding and anticipating your clients needs and desires?

Many of you have a good handle on fulfilling a need. But add desire because that cuts to the emotion of ‘more’. Think about the extras that follow a clients’ internal dialog of “wouldn’t it be lovely if….”

The result of finding you do in fact give them this ‘more’, this feeling of truly understanding them, is a warmth that spreads from their heart through their bodies and manifests as the immense grin on their faces.  This grin will then make its way out into the world as words that sound like “You must use ______!  Their service is amazing!!”

ACTION STEP:  Take some time to become your client. To step into their shoes. Ask yourself the ‘what if’ question.  Then do everything in your power to provide it.  In this getting by world of minimal effort this one action could completely transform your business.

Let me know how this works.  Send me your success stories to  I look forward to hearing from you!


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For You…

beautiful flower

For my mother-  I appreciate so much all you did to help make me all I am.  I love you!

For my sisters who became mothers before me- thank you for your lessons.

For my boys who gave mother’s day and life a whole new meaning.

For my friends who are mothers and share in the beauty, pain, and unending love of motherhood.

For my grandmothers who shared cookies, board games, and laps.

For anyone that has touched my life with grace, compassion, kindness, strength, support, and unconditional love.  For that is Mother…no matter the form in which it takes.

Whether they are near or far, here or beyond, today take a moment of silent appreciation for the gift of the precious mothers in your life…

In gratitude. xo


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Whose on YOUR Team?

huddle 2It might be clear in football what the answer is….22 guys, a punter, kicker, and a coach.  But in business that’s not always the case.  There could be internal team members like your boss, peers, or someone from a supporting department or external team members like clients and vendors.

But wait…I just spoke to a football player that told me perhaps football isn’t very clear either.  He told me about the “11 guys on the field at a time but… I haven’t mentioned the 12th man!”

I said, “Oh no, do tell.”

He proceeded to explain how the fans can be considered the ’12th man’.  The Seattle Seahawks in particular have fans that are so loud that the opposing team can’t hear plays being called.  This is such a benefit to the Seahawks that they consider the fans as an extra player.

Two lessons in this.  First – Your Fans (ie clients) are part of your team.  Second- If you are having trouble figuring out the answer to “Whose on your team?” then you aren’t alone!

If you are a corporate meeting planner your team could include a boss, employees, client, supplier, and another department.  An independent planner might choose the client, speaker, venue, and AV company.  In that same industry the supplier might pick their sales team, support staff, and a planner.

If you are a project manager your team might include stakeholders, a sponsor, developers, customers, and various team members that are also working on 4-8 other projects.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur and your team is your bank, a bookkeeper, a virtual assistant, and a manufacturing team in a different country.

And if that’s not enough, let’s look at your life.  Your team could be your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, babysitter, and community.   huddle 3

It’s important to understand whose on your team for 2 primary reasons.

  1. Unless you take the time to truly understand all the players on your team you are likely to make under informed decisions.  You can’t please all the people all the time.  However looking at the perspectives of key team members will help you find solutions and outcomes that are inclusive and most effective.
  2. You have the option to choose your team (not everyone does-corporate politics and genetic makeup may come into play-no offense sis!) but you have more power in choosing than you may think.

Choose to surround yourself with positive, like minded, interesting and fun individuals and your business and life will become more productive, vibrant, and satisfying.  And YES it’s ok to limit the time you spend with negative energy sappers.

Figure out whose on your team.  Learn what makes them tick. Ask questions.  Engage.  Appreciate.  I’ve learned so much, discovered deeper insights, made more money, found more joy, and shorter paths to my goals…by being open to the opinions and experience of others.

Action Step:  Make a list of the people on your team.  Is there anyone who should receive a pat on the back or thank you?  Anyone you don’t know enough about?  Need to schedule a lunch with someone?  Cultivate your team so you can work together and achieve success.

Email Heather with questions and comments at  Limited space for the upcoming Ignite Your Income 6 Week Coaching Program.  Info and applications here.

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New You

There are things that happen that make no sense.

The ‘why me’s.  The ‘oh no not that’s.  Senseless suffering of innocents…to abrupt loss of innocence.

It can force a person to wondering.  Even the most upbeat individual can take a hit and for a moment feel like staying down….if only to lay there and look at the sky and ask “show me why”

It’s moments like this when intimacy deepens, when strength expands, when hope bubbles, and wisdom develops.

Have you ever asked yourself “what can I do?” hoping for an answer, a beacon, a way to act that can make everything ok…Then nothing comes?

I think when you ask the question of what can I do and don’t receive an answer it means the question should become instead who can I pix

As a striver, a driver, and action promoter I live in a world of DO.  I want to increase my ability to simply BE.  To be alright with who I am…where I am…how I am when I connect with others.  To Be fully present.  Authentic.  Loving.  Me.

And my new years resolution is to keep my inspired doing while increasing my sense of authentic being.

Action Step:  Take 5 minutes each day and BE fully present in a conversation.  With a team member, a child, a spouse, a friend, a boss, or the guy who makes your coffee at Starbucks.

Want more info or to connect with Heather?  Email her at or visit


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Sipping lukewarm coffee and gazing through the window at the first snowflakes fall, I’m feeling reflective.  I often do this time of year.

I enjoy reflecting back on the year.  What went well?  What made me smile?  How many tears were shed?  How deep were the relationships?  How much did I achieve?  Did I make someone’s life better?

There was pain…but the lessons I learn exceeded that pain.

There were tears…but the smiles and laughter far greater.

There was stress…but the hope and love burn brighter.

I must say…it’s been a damn good year.

I think of reflection in 3 primary areas.

mirror with woodA Mirror is a reflection of YOU.  Can you clearly and accurately look at who you are?  At your intentions?  At your deepest fears?  And feel love?   I think for many of us (myself included) we can use a little Windex.  We often see the smudges, the fingerprints, and the dust of our mistakes.   But when we clean the mirror we see that everyone makes mistakes.  We see the essence of who we really are…our intent, the pureness of our hearts, and the beauty we all have at our core.


mirrored sunglassesGlass is the reflection of your connection to OTHERS.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone wearing mirrored sunglasses?  Disconcerting to say the least.  The challenges that occur in relationships often arise because of what we reflect upon another…our assumptions of what they mean, our past hurt, our fears.  When we remove the glasses and be present in each interaction without judgment we increase our ability to build deeper relationships.

lake for reflectionA Lake is a reflection of the WORLD.  When you sit quietly looking into a still lake…what do you see?  You see you.  When you toss a pebble into that lake your image becomes distorted and the ripples you create extend unbroken.  For me I see this as an opportunity to see how the world and I interact…how we impact each other.  Look at the distortions…the way you take in the things and people around you, how it changes you.  Does it make a positive impression upon who you are?  Look at the ripples…the way you alter your surroundings.  Do you make the world better?

As I reflect upon my year and move forward please know that each of you have touched me.  That I truly appreciate you.   And that I’m here should you ever need me.

In gratitude,


Heather can be reached at or you can visit the website at

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It’s Time to Change the Voice…

There’s a voice down deep inside.  You know the one.    fire heart for thank you cards 2

The one that says there must be something more.

You may decide you are hungry, thirsty, you need a hug, or ear to listen to your woes.  But even if you quench every thirst…every need seems to be met.  That voice whispers once again…more.

You fall asleep at the end of the day wanting.  Wondering.  Never quite Full.

Then one day you see a neighbor in need and you lend a hand.  Your feeling of longing, of wanting, subsides momentarily.  Hmmmm.  Odd.

You continue in your daily hustle, bustle…full throttle.  Pulling, pushing, moving, shaking, doing.

But never fully being.

You are asked for help.  You serve.  You receive a simple “Thank you.”  And you realize you feel good.  Not just good.  You feel GREAT!  You feel fully alive.

And the voice is quiet.

If this speaks to you…if you know in your heart that the beauty of being Fully Alive resides in your ability to connect and contribute.  If you know that when you use your unique gifts to share, serve, and give that feeling is exponentially higher.  If you realize that in giving you receive more….In serving you become more…In connecting to another you experience meaning more…If you intuitively know this…then you must listen to the voice.

Start small.

Share a smile.  Lend a hand.  Find a way to use the talents you’ve been giving to lift another.

I believe the world can change if each person quiets the voices of self-doubt and instead raises the volume on that inner need to Be Love.

Action Step:   What is one action you can take today to make a difference?

extreme exec voice

For more information or any questions for Heather go to or

If in Oct 2014:

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Need Some PEP in Your Step??

People comment ALL THE TIME about my energy!   It ranges from:

“uggg…you must be irritating in the morning!”  (NOT my people!)


“Wow!  Your energy has infected me- I’m ready to take action!!” (Definitely my people!!)

…With a plethora of “Does that energy come in a bottle?” in between.

Please understand that I experience a great deal of frustration, pain, setback, and fear.  I am NO DIFFERENT FROM ANYONE ELSE!  Anyone has the capacity to generate more from themselves.

Energy doesn’t just happen.  It isn’t an entity that simply exists. I use the word ‘generate’ because that’s required with energy.  Think about electricity.  It doesn’t occur until it is generated in some capacity.  There are many ways that can happen.  But each requires an idea and resources at the least.

Do you want to Generate Personal Energy?

Are you stuck?  Lethargic?

Do you desire More from your life?

If so…you require an idea and resources.

Consider this image:         PEP

This is a visual of the first part of the new leadership initiative that focuses on expanding energy and productivity.

Entitled PEP for the Pep it Puts in Your Step!  (Corny beyond belief… But true)

Purpose:  There are several steps in this process but the short version is to the have a powerful direction.  To see the vision of what you desire…and to have the guts to follow it.

Energy:  This provides the tips on how to increase the passion, drive and create the action necessary to catapult you to success.

People:   No matter how clear you are on the vision and how passionate you are about getting there…leadership comes from your ability to connect to the people.  To perceive a need and respond appropriately.

YOU:  And of course nothing in this matrix can occur without a strong connection to your values, your character, and your confidence to make it all happen.

Throughout the next few weeks I will delve deeper into these areas.  I will provide additional diagrams, concepts, stories and examples of how this can work in your world.

But if you have questions or comments right now please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Action Step:   Assess on a scale of 1-10.  Where is your energy?  Are you achieving your goals?  Are you the leader you know you can be?    If you aren’t currently at 10, but want to be, then be on the lookout for more PEP strategies.

More info at: or call Heather at 203-312-4990.  I look forward to hearing from YOU!

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