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Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.

The Clouds of Change

I enjoy sitting at my thinking place.  It’s where most of my blogs are written. I came here today, not to write, but to breathe.  So much has been happening that I felt anxious trying to process it all. When … Continue reading


To Be Seen…

The call had ended but his words still echoed in my ear, “Children just need to be seen…” Such truth and potency in those simple words.  We were discussing expanding the L-FOCUS leadership summit for teens and a program to … Continue reading

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Raindrops and Humanity

I love hearing the ping of raindrops on the tin porch roof.  There is something calming and nostalgic about it.  It brings me back to a time when my parents would open the garage door and set up lawn chairs … Continue reading


It’s been right there all along…

The scent of a warm apple pie. The echo of laughter down the hall. A hug, a kiss, a sigh. The ability to rise after a fall. A time to lend a hand or a smile. The dream that startles … Continue reading

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Freedom vs Consideration

Those of you that know me well understand how much I value freedom.  The ability to embrace who you are without the constraints of other people’s opinions of who or what you should do or be.  I think the beauty … Continue reading

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Chains of Resistance or Flow of Success?

People ask me all the time for strategies and tips on how to deal with change. There are many that can help you deal with change…but I think what is being asked is more about how to lead the change. … Continue reading

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Life Changing Moments

I just returned from a week long experience as a coach at the Anthony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit.  Around 350 kids from 42 countries, ages 14-17, plus youth leaders, the other coaches, powerful content, and more. These teens … Continue reading

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