To Be Seen…

eye pic for blogThe call had ended but his words still echoed in my ear, “Children just need to be seen…”

Such truth and potency in those simple words.  We were discussing expanding the L-FOCUS leadership summit for teens and a program to build confidence.  In this high tech, disengaged world, teens are losing a sense of worth and the correlating confidence because they rarely feel focused presence, the “I accept you just as you are” feeling of being seen.

I believe the world in general…people of all ages…crave this.

Recently I put a ‘call for connection’ request out.  I urged my contacts to reach out and let me know what speaks to their hearts, what drives them, what brings them to tears, what inspires them.

I wanted more than the typical “hey, how are you?”  “Good, You?” exchange.  I wanted to connect on a deeper level.

I had high hopes- but no idea how powerful this would be.

I found out about close friends’ long forgotten dreams.

I heard stories of people who’ve gone through major pain and personal discovery and found strength they never knew they had.

People who came out of their cocoon of fear to blossom into exquisite butterflies.

People who have lost jobs and found their lives.

People who have lost loves and found themselves.

People who have lost the shackles of expectation and complacency…and found true freedom.

Listening, learning, getting to know them better enabled me to know who to introduce them to, to better help them, and to see potential opportunities for collaboration.

But so much more than that…in a world of faceless, nameless, emotion-lacking exchanges…I was able to see them.  Really SEE them.

And I came away the winner.  This experience has been a gift.  And I will never be the same again.

Action Step:  What can you do to both give and receive this gift today?

Reach out to me at with comments and questions.  And visit the new website at   I’ll be moving most blogs over to this format in the near future.   I’ll keep you posted.


About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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