Chains of Resistance or Flow of Success?

flowing waterPeople ask me all the time for strategies and tips on how to deal with change. There are many that can help you deal with change…but I think what is being asked is more about how to lead the change.  To no longer be at the whim of change…but to drive it.

Taking into consideration we only have control over ourselves and lead best by example- a focus on self and learning better internal strategies for adapting and leading change is my recommendation.


Let’s look at three areas:  Resistance, Choice, and Action

Resistance.  When you go through change the mind creates blocks from your fears.  This process constricts your mind and inhibits your ability to come up with creative solutions.  Everyone is different in how much change needs to occur before resistance sets in and also in how quickly they stay there.  Resistance can be debilitating for some.  Accepting the situation and moving to the next step is key.

Choice.  After you allow for the initial feeling of resistance understand that you get to choose how quickly you can work through it.  Refocus on the possibilities.  You have the power to choose how you think, feel, and respond to situations…even if you don’t have control over the situations themselves.  Often we give up that power.  Taking it back enables us to release the chains of tension that immobilize us.

Action.  Once we choose to no longer be constrained by change we can take action.  Movement creates energy, opens the mind, and frees the heart.  Take action to make the most of the situation, to learn from others, to cultivate options and you will generate momentum and solutions that would not have been created without this flow.

If you are experiencing a big transition in your work or your life remember that the faster you get through resistance, take back the power of what you control, and move to positive actions, the faster you will solve the problem, ease the stress, and create a more productive response to change overall.

Action Step:  Calm the storm by practicing acceptance of what is over resistance to what was.  View the big picture to find the reality of the situation and the opportunities.  Consciously choose how to think and feel about it and what possible actions you can control.

Be the leader that demonstrates strength and flow during change.

Reach out to me at with any questions or comments.  You can also find information on the new Leading the Change 6 part audio series at:

About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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