Sipping lukewarm coffee and gazing through the window at the first snowflakes fall, I’m feeling reflective.  I often do this time of year.

I enjoy reflecting back on the year.  What went well?  What made me smile?  How many tears were shed?  How deep were the relationships?  How much did I achieve?  Did I make someone’s life better?

There was pain…but the lessons I learn exceeded that pain.

There were tears…but the smiles and laughter far greater.

There was stress…but the hope and love burn brighter.

I must say…it’s been a damn good year.

I think of reflection in 3 primary areas.

mirror with woodA Mirror is a reflection of YOU.  Can you clearly and accurately look at who you are?  At your intentions?  At your deepest fears?  And feel love?   I think for many of us (myself included) we can use a little Windex.  We often see the smudges, the fingerprints, and the dust of our mistakes.   But when we clean the mirror we see that everyone makes mistakes.  We see the essence of who we really are…our intent, the pureness of our hearts, and the beauty we all have at our core.


mirrored sunglassesGlass is the reflection of your connection to OTHERS.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone wearing mirrored sunglasses?  Disconcerting to say the least.  The challenges that occur in relationships often arise because of what we reflect upon another…our assumptions of what they mean, our past hurt, our fears.  When we remove the glasses and be present in each interaction without judgment we increase our ability to build deeper relationships.

lake for reflectionA Lake is a reflection of the WORLD.  When you sit quietly looking into a still lake…what do you see?  You see you.  When you toss a pebble into that lake your image becomes distorted and the ripples you create extend unbroken.  For me I see this as an opportunity to see how the world and I interact…how we impact each other.  Look at the distortions…the way you take in the things and people around you, how it changes you.  Does it make a positive impression upon who you are?  Look at the ripples…the way you alter your surroundings.  Do you make the world better?

As I reflect upon my year and move forward please know that each of you have touched me.  That I truly appreciate you.   And that I’m here should you ever need me.

In gratitude,


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About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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