Have You Always Felt a Little DIFFERENT? You Could Be an Entrepreneur…

Some of you already know where I’m going with this.


  • The idea of not thinking about work from 5pm until 9am the next morning is completely foreign to you.
  • A conversation about your business is more invigorating than a double mocha latte.
  • The last non business or personal development book you read was in 1997.
  • You have a notepad and pen (or high tech version of such) bedside for 3am brilliance.
  • You have written a marketing idea on a napkin because you couldn’t keep it inside of your head a moment longer.

…You are probably an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is a very different and special breed.  We are typically at least a little bit crazy.  We tend to be absolutely brilliant in some areas of business…and whether we care to admit it or not…abysmal in others.  We often are torn by the complex love/hate relationship we have with our own inner drive.

The good news is that entrepreneurs are contributing to the economy in a very powerful way.  Small businesses create jobs, new technologies, tax dollars to the government, and more.

YOU are important.

However you probably face a host of challenges that can seem overwhelming.

You might stress about the financial roller coaster of selling and implementing.  Cash flow can be a huge issue and often is the demon that causes so many small businesses to fail.  You might feel alone, misunderstood, and fearful without the security of a traditional ‘job’.

A few key points for you:

  • You aren’t alone.  There are resources such as http://www.sba.gov/, SCORE, small business development centers and associations like Entrepreneur’s Organization or Vistage.
  • New technologies are available all the time to make your life easier.  Evernote, Square, crowd sourcing and apps on anything and everything.
  • Asking for help is Not an Achilles heel.  It’s the path to success.  Recognize what you do well and get help in areas where you don’t.
  • Remember to always prioritize relationships.  Not matter how amazing your technology or product is…no matter how brilliant you are…no matter how strong your desire and drive is….The Ability to Understand and Connect with Others is What will Differentiate You.

I’m just scratching the surface here.  But because I’m speaking to an entrepreneur you either already have or are just about to move on to something else.  So I’ll leave you with this:

extreme exec entrepreneurship

Go, Do, Be Extraordinary!!

I’d love to help…contact me at Heather@fireinfive.com with any questions or comments.

Workshop and Book Signing for Entrepreneurs at Serendipity Labs on Wed. June 4th 6-8pm.  80 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Rye, NY 10580 914-908-6770 http://www.serendipitylabs.com


About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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