It’s not our moments on the floor that define us…it’s our ability to rise!

I was sharing a challenging story with a friend and she suddenly tilted her head and said, “I’ve got it. You remind me of a Phoenix because you have an uncanny ability to rise from challenge to begin again.”

Are you familiar with the Phoenix? It’s a mythical firebird that lives for 500 years, then builds a next of twigs and ignites, burning both bird and nest to ashes…from which a new baby Phoenix is born to live again.
phoenix for web sales sheet and cards

Have you experienced great challenge in your life? Loss, fear, pain, sudden change, grief? In the moment of the challenge did you find yourself in such emotional distress that you couldn’t move…couldn’t figure out where to turn?
Fast forward a few years.
As you look back upon it, can you now see all the good that came from it? The growth, the strength, the opportunities?

Challenge and change are inevitable. But CHOICE is what we control. If you want to navigate from Challenge to Change successfully the power is in our ability to choose.

Choose how you think about the situation. Search for possibilities not roadblocks, solutions instead of fear.

Choose how you feel about the situation. Let go of your attachment to your current situation or to what other’s think. Empower yourself.

Choose how you respond. Don’t allow exterior situations to keep you from taking the actions necessary to transform your life for the better. Every day…move toward the change you desire.

Here’s a brief video about making better choices.

Become the Phoenix. Take back control of your life, make the best possible choices… and rise up from the ashes to joy and success.

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About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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