Insight from an Adventure Junkie- Part Three: Blissful Wind

Last week you left me anxiously awaiting the news of wind safety from the weather gods….

A beautiful day in San Diego, CA, sun on my face, light breeze, sitting on a warm rock overlooking the ocean.  One would think I would be calmly enjoying the moment instead of asking myself repeatedly if the wind issue was somehow a ‘sign’.

Just as I rose to leave the tan, blond haired surfer dude that ran the place waved at me.  It was time.

He instructed me to suit up in safety gear and go see ‘Jack’.  Surprise, surprise, Jack was also a tan, blond haired surfer dude…but his eyes spoke of something else.

The enormous sail was lying on the ground behind us.  I was tied to Jack in a small hammock like creation.  We were standing about 20 feet from the edge of the cliff.  He whispered in my ear, “Are you ready?”

I replied, “Yeah, I think so.”

Jack instructed, “Ok…now run and jump off the cliff.”

I turned my head, looked him in the eye and said, “What???”

Apparently the only way to do this is to literally run as hard as you can and JUMP off the cliff…so that the wind picks up the sail and carries us far enough out to fly.

Now it’s one thing to follow a guide but to lead the way off the cliff took a bit more courage.  Big breath.  And I ran as fast as I could and jumped off the cliff…

hang gliding 2

When the wind took the sail an amazing feeling of satisfaction and peace rolled over my body.  We were flying.

As we dove, dipped, lifted, and swayed, Jack and I talked about our entrepreneurial dreams, life challenges, and how to work the ropes.  He gave me the reigns and I felt powerful and yet small and at the mercy of the wind.  We could see the guy who ran the place waving at us from the edge.  Jack said, “Don’t look at him!”

We pretended not to see and kept flying for about 30 minutes past the original 45 we were supposed to be flying.  Blissful.

In the silent moments I conceived of a plan for a new product that is doing quite well.  As we landed, the peace and laughter blew away in the wind.  We shook hands and went about our lives.   Each interaction.  Each experience.  Each moment.  Has the capacity to change a person for the better if we let it.

Lessons learned.

1.  Don’t judge a book by a cover.  Jack was much deeper than I originally expected based upon his ‘look’.  He passed along a few pieces of much appreciated wisdom such as “Enjoy the moment fully.  The wind isn’t always at your back” and “Don’t allow anyone to tell you you can’t until you’ve tried everything in your power.”  I’m sure his business is booming.

2.  You can learn all you can from others but in the end you have to have the confidence to be the one to JUMP.

3.  There’s a place between fear and bliss that exceeds all expectations and that floating,
flying space is where ideas are born.

Next week we go from the height of the clouds to the depths of the ocean.  What happens to a person with a touch of claustrophobia when she comes in contact with a 6 foot shark in the coral reef of Cozumel??

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Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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