The Tech – Connect Balance

In today’s world, we can be left in the dust if aren’t on the cutting edge of technology.

On the first day of middle school my son reviewed the new technology policy and was surprised and thrilled to see the iPods, iPads, laptops, and other portable devices that were banned from school last year were now encouraged.  Apparently kindergartners from other areas will think that policy is a long time coming.  According to a recent report from the Auburn, Maine School Department, literacy scores of kindergartners increased in classes where iPads were being used.

We are all aware of the benefits of technology in making business systems flow and productivity increase.  We know the importance of using social media to find jobs and understand that without technology we wouldn’t be where we are today.

My two cents has to do with the importance of balancing technology with personal connection.  This high tech generation enables my in house technician to be an 11 year old with a short attention span that has been known to pick on his younger brothers.  However if we don’t continue to focus on teaching people of all ages how to relate more effectively in their personal and business relationships the ability to connect with clients will be lost.

Differentiate you and your company by mastering the Tech-Connect Balance.

Here are a few suggestions to help companies that are focused on technology add a personal touch that will result in an increase in business relationships.

  1. Email and texts are easy and facilitate quick transfer of information.  But that doesn’t mean we should use them as our only or even our primary form of communication.  Stand out by picking up the phone and checking in with your clients or visit on occasion just to make sure they are not only satisfied but delighted with your service.
  2. Ask questions.  You may be an expert in your field and often have the solution your clients require.  But that doesn’t mean you fully understand all they want to accomplish.  Longer term relationships result when you identify and provide what your clients need and why.
  3. If there’s a problem, don’t hide your head in the stand.  Most people don’t like conflict but ignoring a disgruntled client turns them irate and often vocal.  The ability to address the problem quickly and resolve it with compassion and frequent communication can turn that unhappy client into a loyal proponent of your company.

These are just a few of the ways you can make a deeper connection in business.  The biggest overall recommendation is to remember to focus on people.  Appreciate individual differences, listen and focus on what the other person needs, and know that when you successfully navigate the tech-connect balance you will stand out and your business will grow.

Action Step:  Ask yourself, “Am I hiding behind technology to avoid connecting or am I using it to enhance my relationships??”  If your answer is hiding decide to take two steps outside your comfort zone each week.  Network, call a client, or plug in the phone and take a walk down the street.  Make a new connection today!

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Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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