From Guilt to Gain…Moving Forward in a Less than Perfect World

Faced with a challenge?   In the midst of chaos?   Feeling that gut wrenching pain of letting yourself or others down?

Poor choices, Guilt, Regret, Worry…can immobilize and negatively impact your relationships with others or the way you feel about yourself.

Whether currently, or at some point in your past (or future), everyone has faced moments of fear and pain.

What do we do with those moments?

For me, I ache the most when I do something that I realize has hurt someone else…when I’ve allowed fear to cloud my judgment or anger to control my actions.  And then, to exacerbate the problem I fall into the abyss of remorse.  Has this ever happened to you?

The only true option to moving forward is to take responsibility and learn a lesson that will build a depth of character.  Wallowing doesn’t serve you or others.  Living by the example of doing the right thing to correct the wrong thing is far more beneficial than beating yourself up over the wrong thing.

Think of a situation with which you are currently struggling and ask:

  1. What about this challenge is within my control?
  2. Do I need to apologize or make amends?
  3. What’s positive here?  What lesson, understanding, or strength has come from it?
  4. How can I use this to serve others?

Being the best possible you each day is important.  And yet, everyone falters at times.  The human condition is to appreciate the journey and learn from our lack of perfection.  Growth trumps stagnant perfection every day of the week.

Action Step:  Ask the questions above with a focus on finding the positive for you and serving others.  Take steps to fix, learn, grow, and become just a little stronger.  A little better.  A little more capable of making the best decisions possible.  What inspired action can you take today to enjoy the journey and move forward in making the world a better place?

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About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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2 Responses to From Guilt to Gain…Moving Forward in a Less than Perfect World

  1. wisdomandlife says:

    Hi Heather:
    Wallowing doesn’t serve you or others.
    When I face a challenge (BTW, like that word as I use it in place of the “P” word now. I’ve taken the “P” word out of my lexicon. Also like that you use te phrase moving forward as I use it myself.)

    Typically I give myself ONE day to wallow. I understand it doesn’t do anyone any good. I also understand that when I wallow for an extended period, I’m ALWAYS looking far off in the future or living in the past. It does me no good to do so. When we stay in the present moment, when we’re grateful for what we have, when we stop living in the past or in the future is when we can achieve that elusive joy that we’re all constantly seeking.

    Thanks for the reminder, Heather.


    • FindYourFire says:

      Thanks Chris! Love the one day to wallow rule. And I completely agree with how important living in the moment is to achieving a joyful life!

      Have a wonderful day!

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