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It’s a Woman’s Prerogative to…..

Change Her Mind!! Change your mind…change your state! I first heard this term at a Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within conference and believe in it whole heartedly.  We have the power to adapt our emotional well-being based upon the … Continue reading

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Fear, Laughter, and Salsa!

It’s Saturday night.  I don’t have the boys.  And I hear of a fun evening of comedy and salsa dance happening just down the street. I want to go! BUT…it’s a singles night and I can’t find any girlfriends to … Continue reading

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Bring Andy Home!

Loss. One definition is “the process of losing something”.  I find it irritating when definitions include a form of the word within…but of course I have a ton of experience with this example as my keys will gladly share with … Continue reading

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A Love Affair…with you

Honesty, love of life, respect, attraction, wit, wisdom, laughter, gratitude, an ability to appreciate the other for all they are, consideration, passion…. These were just some of the answers I received when I asked my friends and clients “What do … Continue reading

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