Can I Uninvite Aunt Zelda??

Do you have an Aunt Zelda in your life?

Aunt Zelda is the relative that may be smiling but has never in her life said a kind word about anything you’ve ever cooked, anyone you’ve ever dated, or anything you’ve ever worn.

She can listen to your dreams and with a twitch of her eye or a sniff of the nose, she can crush it without ever saying a word.

Do you know anyone like this??

It’s holiday time. A self-preserving voice inside your head screams, “This year just don’t invite her!”  But the more peace preserving part knows that would start WWIII…hmmm.  What to do??

Strategic planning.  Sit Aunt Zelda next to Uncle Fred whose hearing aid hasn’t worked in 12 years!  It’s a win/win.

Serious tips for adding humor and joy to your season:

  1. Recognize that you get to choose your emotions.  Don’t allow anyone to have so much control over you that they dictate how you feel.  They can act/say/do what they please but it does not need to infect YOU.
  2. You can limit the time you spend chatting with negative people in your life.  That strategic planning I joked about isn’t far off the mark.  If someone is nagging, complaining, and gossiping you can walk away with a simple “Oh, I have to go check on the dinner!” or a more honest, “I’ve chosen not to engage in gossip this year. I bet Aunt Zelda would love to hear your story.”
  3. Sprinkle in time for fun and rejuvenation.  Don’t skip out on exercise, meditation, and bubble baths because you are super busy.  It’s when you most need them!
  4. Laugh!!!  You’ll live longer.  Spend time with funny people who make you giggle.  Watch comedies.  Play silly games.  Tickle a child and let them tickle you back.
  5. Seek out support when in need.  Find people that lift you up, read books that make you feel good, and ask for help when you need it.

Action Step:  Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Say to yourself, “Today, I am in control of my thoughts.”  Breathe deeply.  Then say, “Today, I am in control of my feelings.”  Breathe.  Then, “Today, I am in control of my actions.”  Try this each morning or before you enter a stressful situation.  Don’t give up your power.  Be YOU.  You are amazing!

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About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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