Responsibility and Forgiveness…the Path to Achieving your Dreams??

This morning my 10 year old son taught me another one of his beautiful lessons.  We had a tough morning and I had to take away a privilege to teach a lesson.  He was NOT happy.

But about 40 minutes later, while driving (me not him!), he says “Mom, I think I get it.  The reason I get mad and blame you is really because it’s harder to blame me.  I need to start taking responsibility for what I’ve done.”

Picture mom joyously dancing and singing internally while responding calmly, “Wow, that’s a really important lesson that a lot of adults don’t always get.  You should be very proud of yourself.”

And it’s true.  I realized that a struggle I recently had was because I hadn’t taken full responsibility for my own emotions. 

Anytime we struggle it’s typically because we have a lesson left to learn.  But as soon as we learn the lesson, forgive ourselves and others, take responsibility for our choices and emotions…we are able to fully live this moment and release anything that might stand in our way from moving forward.

Here’s another short tip on this in video form: 

responsibility and forgiveness

Click on link to view 2 min youtube video...

Action Step:   Find a quiet spot to sit.  Breathe in deeply, exhale, and relax.  Allow your mind to calm.  Spend 5 minutes sitting quietly.  Then softly ask your heart if there are any lessons you need to learn right now.  Listen.  Breathe.  And be open to the answer.

Need any help figuring out how to forgive and move forward?

Decide who you are and allow it to be right now.”

Jen from NJ…an enlightened friend


About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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