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Thanksgiving….Feast or Beast??

Short, sweet, and to the point…. Let’s make Thanksgiving Rock! Poor little holiday gets no credit, no recognition, no respect.  Stuffed between the more popular Halloween and Christmas (read all December holidays please), Thanksgiving is forgotten in marketing, media, and … Continue reading

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Responsibility and Forgiveness…the Path to Achieving your Dreams??

This morning my 10 year old son taught me another one of his beautiful lessons.  We had a tough morning and I had to take away a privilege to teach a lesson.  He was NOT happy. But about 40 minutes … Continue reading

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Are You Comfortable??

Have you ever said something that you desperately wanted to take back? Or tripped in public…and turned and looked at what you tripped over with disdain like it was the inanimate object’s fault? Have you ever gotten to the point … Continue reading

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