Monthly Archives: October 2011

Giving, Receiving, Being

Think back to a time when you felt loved, comforted, completely taken care of… Was your memory of long ago?  Or yesterday? I am an extremely independent person.  Sometimes overly so if I were to be complet ely honest.  Not … Continue reading

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Do You Want More?? Go Get it Baby!!

Have you ever felt the regret of not asking for what you want? Have you ever wanted to express yourself to a loved one, or potential love, but fear got in the way? Ever felt like you left money on … Continue reading

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Is it a Bird…or a Plane??

Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound?   Are you faster than a speeding bullet?  More powerful than a locomotive??  And do you totally rock a pair of blue tights??? Stand up and claim your fame Superman (or superwoman!) … Continue reading

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