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Get in On the Action, Baby!!

Have you ever met someone who owns their own business and thought “I’ve always wanted to do that”?  Ever wished you could travel or learn something new?  Have you ever met someone you thought was wildly attractive, thought about connecting, … Continue reading

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Get Turned On!

Yes.  This is one of my more risqué blogs.  If you offend easily feel free to link to this blog  instead- For the rest of you–Want to get turned on??  Seriously.  I want you to think about what happens … Continue reading

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Imagine It…then Create It!

Creativity in business is often what distinguishes the companies that flourish from the ones that flounder.  The ability to adapt, to focus on solutions instead of problems, can set you apart and ensure a thriving business…even in the toughest of … Continue reading

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Know Thyself…

The times I’ve become sad or scared lately have been when I’ve listened to other people’s estimations of how I ‘should’ be feeling. To clarify, people are NOT being mean or judgmental.  I’m referring to the nicest, most well intentioned … Continue reading

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Live…and appreciate the silence.

A bit out of sorts I walk to the beach…once again no one is there.  I sit.  Silence. Fluffy clouds.  A voice saying “Shouldn’t you….”  Sigh.  Another that says “Need to make a list…”  Shhh. What do you hear in … Continue reading

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