Turn it around…upside down…inside out, Baby!

Sitting and writing at Starbucks because I still don’t have electricity and don’t expect to have it back for another week.  Hurricane Irene.

My boys found the storm amusing…for about 20 minutes.  After realizing electronic devices do not work without electricity, they renamed her Mean Irene.

Driving around power lines that are down, passing houses with roofs caved in, and turning back when an enormous tree blocked the road….I know in my heart how very lucky we are. 

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis have been ravaging the world these last few years.  What we experienced was simply a big wind in comparison.  Very fortunate indeed.

When faced with one of life’s tests, it can be challenging to turn and look at it from a different direction.  But viewing the problem from another person’s perspective, or your future perspective, or with an eye for how it will benefit you or others in the long run…can completely turn your attitude around.  It can be the starting point of finding the solution.  Or at the very least enjoying the process more.

Right now I am grateful for this Grande Mocha Latte, the sun in the sky, sweet little men, and simply the ability to breathe and out. 

What are you grateful for in this moment?

Action Step:  Take a look at a problem you are currently facing (just choose one for now).  Write down any benefits this challenge may have for you now and in the future.  Add the perspective of others that are involved.  List any and all (no matter how ridiculous they may seem) potential solutions.  Go away.  Then a few hours or a day later go back to the list and add anything you may have missed.  Take a deep breath and decide if anything you’ve written can you help you solve or better handle the situation.

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About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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1 Response to Turn it around…upside down…inside out, Baby!

  1. What a lovely post to bring us to the moment. I quite agree that by looking at it with a different perspective we may too gain a different perspective on our current conditions. Yes for you it sucks not to have electricity (espec with the boys!) yet for others they are dealing with much worse conditions.

    When we had our house fire and lost everything it seemed like the end of the world until 2 days later when the World Trade Center tumbled, that gave us a perspective shift, at least we survived and we could find another place to live and replacement things to put in it, others in NYC were not so lucky

    So happy you made it to Starbucks and had your Grande Mocha Latte and got your post out. Hoping you get your power back soon (I remember 3 weeks without power in a tiny village in England, when the power came back on the house looked like it had been rampaged, it was winter so it was dark in the mornings and evenings when we were home and everything was done by candlelight. Makes you appreciate the simplicity of swtiching on a light!)

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