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Turn it around…upside down…inside out, Baby!

Sitting and writing at Starbucks because I still don’t have electricity and don’t expect to have it back for another week.  Hurricane Irene. My boys found the storm amusing…for about 20 minutes.  After realizing electronic devices do not work without … Continue reading

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Joy of Movement

Do you recall, as a child, feeling so happy that you couldn’t help but skip?  It was as if the joy was the effervescence of bubbling water unable to stay in the glass any longer… When was the last time … Continue reading

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Good Vibrations!

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy literally vibrate off the walls?? I recently spent the afternoon with a group of amazing, energized people.  Do you know why I find them fascinating and beautiful??  It is … Continue reading

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Are You Worthy??

Have you ever felt unworthy?   Where does that come from??  You could be on the cusp of greatness and you sabotage your success.  Or you are could be close to delving into a real relationship and you pull away.  Why … Continue reading

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