Monthly Archives: July 2011

Breathe, Release, Grow…

From someone who believes whole heartedly in the concept of our ability to create any reality we desire…the idea of giving up or letting go is not only unthinkable, it’s downright absurd. But then…. One must consider the benefit in … Continue reading

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Healthy, Happy, Giving Souls….

Some people think I’m crazy.  I know, I know…most people do and I cultivate that because I think it’s fun.  But I’m not talking about the “Jump out of a plane, are you crazy?!?” comments.  I’m talking about the “Do … Continue reading

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From the Ashes….

Working on a blog about a topic close to my heart…giving.  But have you ever had an idea incessantly knock at the door to your mind?  The more you ignore it and hope it goes away the louder it knocks?  … Continue reading

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Music to My Ears…..

When I was young I would hear a song that touched me and be completely incapable of stillness.  As I grew into the angst of the teens a sad and soulful song could pull tears from me and soothe me … Continue reading

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