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Type A Goes Old World…

Today’s world is in a ‘fast paced, express line, get it done yesterday’ time warp. People are simultaneously shaving, texting, and driving. No one will read the second part of a letter or email if the first part doesn’t grab their … Continue reading

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…As the Wind Blows Out Candles and Kindles Fires

In like a lion… The blustering wind whips my hair around my face. I hear the clink of a can carried down the street by a force beyond its control. I stand still compelled to resist the wind pressing upon … Continue reading


Why Valentine’s Day?

What IS Valentine’s Day? Why do we celebrate love with such aplomb specifically on this day?  What’s so special about Feb. 14th?? There aren’t a plethora of details about the beginnings of this ‘adore’able holiday.  But basically it stems back … Continue reading

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Ice Dams…A Metaphor for Life

For those of you in the Northeast currently experiencing the worst winter in history you might have thought I said “Damn Ice!” but in actuality I said Ice Dams. As I was sitting on the couch, sipping hot cocoa, and … Continue reading

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