Get Out of My Way!

What are you doing to achieve your dreams?  Where are you blocked?? 

For me, I’ve been very focused on success in one area of my life and realized I’ve been putting other things on hold.  Of course these are the aspects of my life that are the hardest to face right now.  I’ve said “I’ll get to it after I do ___.”  Fill in any number of ridiculous excuses!  Then I called myself on it.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “Come on now.  You’re full of it!”

Are you tired, too busy, don’t have enough information, or …..need to wash your hair?  If you have an excuse for why you haven’t taken action, I’m here to be your mirror.  Come on now. You’re full of it!

One of my clients is an excuse factory.  This woman is highly creative, intelligent, and motivated.  When she refocuses her creativity away from the excuses and on to solutions there is nothing that can stop her.  We have a running joke now where I only have to give her ‘the look’ and she understands she’s getting in her own way and needs to stop making excuses.  If only I can get my kids to switch gears as easily with one look!

“The life must be a well-balanced life, not lopsided in any manner to bring contentment.”  Edgar Cayce

Think of your life as a balanced whole.  Are you focusing on one area at the expense of another?  What is stopping you from achieving your every desire in all parts of your life?  Figure out how to get around, climb over, or remove your obstacles.  Especially if the biggest obstacle is YOU.

Stop getting in your own way and start living the life you love.  I’m going to go do that right now….

Action Step:  What is the biggest excuse you’ve been using for not taking action?  Come up with ten possibilities for moving forward.  Choose one and take an action right now…just one step to move you closer to your goal.


About FindYourFire

Writer, speaker, and life coach Heather O'Neill is president of Progressive Image and creator of the Fire in Five program...helping people reconnect and find the joy in their lives.
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